The Street’s Way and Teen Homelessness

Mentoring a Dream focused on Teen Homelessness and Addiction last quarter. What a great lead into talking about The Street’s Way.

Happy Birthday to The Hard Way

This last weekend was a busy one celebrating The Hard Way‘s seventh year in publication. Wow, I can’t believe it has been that long already. April 12, 2017 was a day my dream to publish a book was realized. Do you have any dreams you are trying to realize?

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up free copies of the digital versions of The Hard Way and Shawn’s Way yet, today is the last day for the Birthday Giveaway. Here is the link to more information about the books and links to download your free copies – Selma’s Books

Now, onto The Street’s Way Release

With all that is happening with The Way Series, we transition from celebrating The Hard Way to the release of The Street’s Way. May 9, 2024 is the day book three of The Way Series is being released.

The Street's Way release promo

Each of the books in The Way Series focus on challenges that teens face. In The Street’s Way, we focus on Teen Homelessness. Let’s talk a little bit about it.

What is Teen Homelessness?

As we have been talking about on Mentoring A Dream, Teen Homelessness is a challenge that many teens face. In the United States, a homeless youth is someone who is under the age of 21 and is unable to safely live with a relative and has no other safe alternative living arrangement.

Youth homelessness is more common than you might think and doesn’t always mean young people living on the streets or in shelters. Homelessness also includes couch surfing or staying with friends or relatives, which is a temporary answer to what may be a long-term issue. Current estimates suggest that up to 2.5 million children in the United States face homelessness annually, yet getting an exact count is challenging.

Why do teens become homelessness?

According to the National Network for Youth, the vast majority of youth do not become homeless by choice. For most youths, instability in their current living situation forces them out on the streets before they are adults. The following family experiences can lead to a youth finding themselves homeless

  • child abuse and or neglect
  • domestic violence
  • parental substance abuse
  • family conflict

Sometimes, teens or young adults are asked to leave their homes because of something they may or may not be doing. Maybe it is because they aren’t respecting their parents or using drugs after being asked to stop.

The reasons for teen homelessness is typically not a one sided issue. The causes for them to become homeless are sometimes not easy problems to solve, take hard work on both sides, and maybe need outside intervention to work out. It may seem like leaving home is the only option, but it may not.

How does The Street’s Way focus on this issue?

When I was putting the notes together for The Street’s Way, I wanted to bring out the idea that Teen Homelessness happens and it is something we can help teens face. The main character in The Street’s Way, Mikala Kalani, needs to get away from abuse at home and runs to a big city, where she doesn’t know anyone and finds herself on the street. She has to figure out what she is going to do.

I am not suggesting that living on the streets is the best alternative to dealing with an issue they are facing at home, but if they have to, they must figure out what they are going to do. If they don’t have anyone to stay with, they may be forced to sleep and live on the streets. There are resources that can help them navigate the challenges, but they may not know who to ask or where to find them.

The Street’s Way continues the storyline of The Way Series. We will see Paul, Adam and Jasmine through their senior years in high school, learn more about Jasmine’s family, and find out about an issue that Adam is facing.

Be sure to pick up your copy of The Street’s Way starting on May 9th!

Novels focusing on teen challenges – The Way Series

Are you looking for a couple of coming-of-age reads for you or your teen about challenges they face? One great series which fits the bill in The Way Series. It is the series I have written under my pen name, Selma P. Verde.

The Way Series

Book #1The Hard Way – is the story of Paul Jones and his starting his freshman year of high school and how he must navigate dealing with pressure from his peers to do things to fit in.

Book #2Shawn’s Way – although it is a continuation of Paul’s journey from The Hard Way, we meet freshman, Shawn Townson. He becomes the target of a bully when an upperclassman decides to take out his frustration on him.

Book #3The Street’s Way – is a continuation of The Way Series which introduces Mikala Kalani to the storyline as a runaway and homeless teen. Coming your way on May 9, 2024.

Selma’s Books

Have a good week!

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