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How did things go for you last week? Get a chance to talk to that teen or young adult in your life? If so, what did you talk about. Hey teens and young adults! Did you check in with the adults in your life yet? You know, they would love it if you did, so how about trying to reach out to them?

November’s Theme – Making Choices

This month’s theme is making choices. It’s something that we do everyday which determines our life direction. We learn from all of our choices, whether those choices are good or bad for us. Sometimes choices are made without all of the correct information and are made based on assumptions about a situation or a person.

Why are choices so hard to make? Well, we want to make the right one and sometimes that isn’t clear when we are making the choice. There are always good things and bad things about every choice we make. Sometimes we even have to give up something that is working for us when we have to make a choice to do something we haven’t done before.

Sometimes it is hard to talk to our family and friends about a tough choice we need to make. There are other adults out there for you to bounce your thoughts off of. These people may a little more objective or have more expertise in the area you are making your choice about and help you make a more informed choice.

Other adult resources for making choices

Sometimes it is helpful to reach out to another adult who may have a little more knowledge about a choice that you need to make. They may have been in your situation before or worked or is working in the industry you are trying to get into. They may know the requirements or classes that need to be taken to get into the college you want to get into. Or, they have have the skills and expertise to help you understand why it is so hard to choose because you are facing a bigger challenge. Three options I would like to talk about this week are mentors, counselors or psychologists.


These types of people typically have real world experience in the choice you are getting ready to make. You may have a relationship with someone like this. It could be a teacher at school. It could be a coach of a sport you play. Or, it could be an adult who is involved in a program to help teens like you. These people may know you on a personal level and have information about a career path you would like to explore because they are currently doing it. They can share with you how they got there which may help you decide if it is something you want to do.


A counselors would be like your school guidance counselor or a camp counselor. They are there to help guide you to the place you are trying to get to in furthering your education or pursuing an interest. Your school guidance counselor, for example, may help you to chose the courses that you need to take to get into the college or trade you want to pursue. Your camp counselor may be a good person to talk to about the activity you are pursuing at camp about how to get to the next level.

They are both good options to bounce ideas off on because they know or have access to the information you need to make the right choices about your future in school or a program you want to get into.


These types of people can see a bigger and more objective picture of the choices you may be struggling with. They have been trained to assess your situation and provide ways to help you solve any bigger issues you are facing while making the choice. Things like emotional trauma caused by being picked on at school or your parents having problems which are affecting you are issues psychologists can talk with you about. They are trained to help you work through these emotions which may be making the choice you need to make harder to do.

Every one of the people listed above want to help you. Adults in general want to help teens succeed. Don’t be afraid to reach out to ask a question or ask for help. You don’t have to struggle with making your choice alone.

The Hard Way is about making choices

The Hard Way is the first book in The Way Series. It is the story of Paul Jones and his navigating peer pressure to make choices. Pick up a copy and find out what choices he makes and how it affects him and his friends. Click on the link below the photo to get your own copy.

Selma P. Verde – Books

Did you see the New Pages on my website?

I launched two new pages on my website this month. One is my Mentor page which has some mentor statements related to this month’s theme Making Choices. And the teen resource links that I mention in my monthly Teen Resource post can all be found through a link on the new Mentor page or through its own tab called Resources. Be sure to take a look and let me know what you think!

The Way Series – $.99 e-book sale this weekend!

Both of the books in The Way Series, The Hard Way and Shawn’s Way will be on sale for $.99 each through Amazon this weekend, November 26-29, 2021. What a great way to get your very own digital copies of this great coming of age series. If you are Kindle Unlimited member, you can read both of these books for free as a part of your subscription. Be sure to get these copies for you or that teen in your life at this great price.

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