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Good Morning! Here’s the Monday Morning Blog!

Did you check in with that teen/young adult in your life yet?

As I sit here writing this post this morning, I am wearing a t-shirt just like the one pictured here. Did you know it was created by beverage and extract chemist Neil C. Ward in 1911?


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National Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month

I focused the topic of the posts on Autism this month, not only to raise awareness about what autism is but also give ideas for what we can do to accept those who have this disorder. This week I will talk about Autismworks, a business model set up by Tyler McNamer and his family to transform disability into a unique and extraordinary ability.


Autismworks is a business that focuses on enhancing the lives of people with autism and those who love them. They do this by providing resources through online education, celebration, inspiration, diversity and inclusion. It was created by Tyler McNamer and his family.

Tyler McNamer

Tyler was diagnosed at the age of two with autism, but has a different view towards his disorder. He accepts autism as an extraordinary ability and not a disability.

That view has helped Tyler become a best-selling author and a nationally known speaker. He has written two books to help people understand what it is like to have autism.

  • Population ONE – Autism, Adversity and the Will to Succeed
  • Becoming ONE – Autism, Adolescence, and the Transition to Adulthood

Through his writing and speaking, he encourages others to overcome their own challenges and accomplish their dreams. Just like the three inspirational people with autism I wrote about last week, Tyler McNamer would be another example. Here’s a link to that post – Three Inspiring People with Autism

What Autismworks has to offer

When Tyler and his family set up Autismworks, they were looking for a way to deliver an experience where people could connect, share and benefit from coming together to talk about autism. Not only does this create community between people who are going through similar experiences, it also lends support and provide other ideas for how to deal with the disorder.


The website, autismworks.com, offers free resources and online courses to help those with autism and those who love them.

Free resources include downloads on subjects like

  • Learn how to help your child with Autism feel better when you are sad
  • Manage your personal space
  • Reduce or eliminate meltdowns

Online courses cover subjects like,

  • Autism: A Father’s perspective – a course taught by Tyler’s father
  • Tips from Tyler
  • Help your Child Gain Independence

They also provide support to others dealing with autism through their Facebook Group. Autismworks. They have put together a team of caring people who want to create a space to share and connect about autism.

Find out more information

To learn more about Tyler, his family and Autismworks, be sure to check out their website Autismworks.com. If you are interested in picking up a copy of one or both of Tyler’s books, you can purchase an autographed copy directly from the site.

Exciting changes coming soon

Keep an eye out for a new and improved website coming next month. It will also bring some news about the sequel to The Hard Way. Book #2 of The Way Series, Shawn’s Way. Stay tuned for news.


You still have time to read The Hard Way and be ready for Shawn’s Way’s release. Here is a link to the books tab to purchase yours.



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The Hard Way (this should be a link)


Have a great week!



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