Teen Homelessness in The Street’s Way

Good Morning! Ever thought about how teen homelessness can be portrayed in a book? How a story can make the issue more relatable to the reader? Today I want to talk about a challenge that teens face, teen homelessness. And how the third book in The Way Series, The Street’s Way, talks about it.

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What is Teen Homelessness?

In the United States, a homeless youth is someone who is under the age of 21 and is unable to safely live with a relative and has no other safe alternative living arrangement. Teen homelessness is more common than you might think and doesn’t always mean young people living on the streets or in shelters. Homelessness also includes couch surfing or staying with friends or relatives, which is a temporary answer to what may be a long-term issue.

According to the National Network for Youth, the vast majority of youth do not become homeless by choice. For most youths, instability in their current living situation forces them out on the streets before they are adults. Running away from the following family experiences can lead to a youth finding themselves homeless

  • child abuse and or neglect
  • domestic violence
  • parental substance abuse
  • family conflict

The reasons for teen homelessness can be caused by both parents and teens and is typically not a one-sided issue. The causes for them to become homeless are sometimes not easy problems to solve, take hard work on both sides, and maybe need outside intervention to work out. It may seem like leaving home is the only option, but it may not be.

In The Street’s Way, Mikala Lalani leaves home due to abuse and neglect at home. How does she become a homeless teen?

Mikala doesn’t have a place to stay

When she leaves home and decides to head to Manor City, Mikala just wants to get away from the situation she is in and go where she thinks she can’t be found, a big city. But, she doesn’t know anyone there and doesn’t have anywhere planned to stay. Caught up in the rush to get away is how many runaways become homeless teens.

When Mikala arrives in Manor City, she was lucky enough to be referred to someone at The Salvation Army who could help her. He put her in touch with a resource who could offer a fresh start. Those resources are out there. Would all teens be able to find them without our help?

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Curbing Teen Homelessness

So, what can be done to end their homelessness? Teens and young adults need stable housing, supportive connections to caring adults, and access to mainstream services that will place them on a path to long-term success. Reunifying youth with family or a support system, when safe and appropriate, should be at the core of any approach.

We need to make these services available to all teens who need them and not get caught up in definitions of who qualifies and who doesn’t. All teens should have a chance to be successful and should have access to help to get there.

But like other issues teens face, open communication with their parents and caring adults could go a long way to reducing the numbers of teens who are homeless in the first place. But, both teens and adults in these cases must be open to listening to each other, make compromises and seek outside intervention where appropriate.

Are you looking for resources for teen issues like teen homelessness? Check out our resource page on Mentoring A Dream – Resources.

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Last week, I was interviewed for a podcast to talk about The Way Series and Mentoring A Dream. The podcast is a part of the Lifesfinewhine.ca website. Pooja Gudka is a blogger and soon to be published author who lives in Kenya. She blogs about multiple topics including lifestyle, travel, mental health, beauty, blogging advice, six word stories, poetry and inspirational posts. Be sure to check out her website and blog!

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The Street’s Way is about navigating teen homelessness

Whether it is positive or negative, reading a book about how someone else deals with a challenge can help us. Not only to see that other people face the same challenges, but give us an idea on how to deal with it ourselves.

The Street’s Way is the third book in The Way Series by Selma P. Verde. It is the story of Mikala Lalani and how she navigates her choice to leave home with no place to stay. See how she follows the referrals from the people she meets to find a way to survive in Manor City. Follow the link below to pick up your copy today.

The Street's Way now available about Teen Homelessness

The Way Series – Selma P. Verde

Have a great week!

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