Teen Challenge – Journaling – What do I write about?

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Did you get a chance to check in with your teen this week? What did they have to say?

This month’s theme is journaling. What is journaling? Like I mentioned in last week’s post, journaling is a form of writing that helps us to explore and express what we are thinking or feeling in a written format. Journaling can be a journey of sorts. I can start writing about a picture on the wall, think about the story of where it came from and then figure out what someone said to me the other day is what has been bugging me.

Now that we know what journaling is, the next thing that may cross your mind is what do I write about? My answer is don’t think too hard about it. Just write.


Just Write

When I say this, the first question is, what do you mean, just write? When I say Just Write, it is simply that. Just Write. Sit down in a comfortable spot with a cup of your favorite beverage and a blank piece of paper, notebook, journal or computer screen and just start writing or typing the first thing that comes to mind. If your mind draws a blank, one thing that works for me is to look around the room and pick the first object I see. It could be your dog, a piece of furniture or a picture on the wall. Describe the object, the colors, the shapes, and maybe the story of where it came from. And continue to write down whatever comes to mind whether it is more description or feelings about it.


If that method isn’t working for you, then try to Google the words journaling prompts. A journaling prompt will give you a scenario to write about to get those creative juices going. I have used these before and came up with some great ideas for things to write about in my books and journals.



Both methods will help you to start writing and fill up the blank page. This is journaling, but what journaling is also used for is to sort out feelings and help with understanding anxiety. Try starting at the top of the page or screen with something like, why am I so sad. Then make a list of the things that are making you feel sad. As you make this list, it may help you come up with other things that are upsetting you. You could take this list to a good friend, a teacher, or a counselor to discuss and come up with a constructive way to deal with your feelings.

Sometimes when we ask teens what is wrong, their answer is ‘I don’t know’ or ‘nothing’. Maybe hand them a cool looking journal and a pen and ask them to make that list. Let them know that you won’t go looking at it when they aren’t around. They need to feel that the journal is a safe place to share those feelings, until they are willing and able to talk about and or do something about them.

Do you journal?

I kept a diary when I was a pre-teen and have done a lot of journaling since then. It has helped me sort things out and has helped me make decisions about the directions my characters take in my books and choices I make in my life.

Journaling can be a writing journey. My journal has sometimes the friend I can talk to. I can start with a subject and wind up understanding why I am upset about what someone said to me. Keep writing your thoughts down and let yourself go on that journey. you never know what you may discover.

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Have a great week!



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