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A Book Report

As I sit here writing and looking out of my deck door, I see a beautiful day coming along. This morning the sun is out and the blue sky is showing itself with no clouds. They say it is supposed to be almost 60 degrees here in Minnesota today. That is rare for this early in March, but I’ll take it. I think I’m ready to be outside again, without a heavy coat and boots on.

I’m still reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It is a longer book, but it is also taking me longer to read. I think I’m just in a busy life period lately. Or maybe I have a lot on my mind. After blogging last month about black American people who made some great things happen in the history of our country, I think I got a little heavy hearted about how they were treated. Even as I read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, I feel sympathy for the characters and how they didn’t have many choices. They were split up from their families with no regard for their feelings. They were killed if they were caught escaping with no consideration of why they had to leave. Many did escape and become free, but it wasn’t an easy journey. It was pretty stressful not only for them, but also for the people who were helping them get away from slavery.

Thinking about the title A Book Report, I remember the book reports that we did in school. It made me go back into my archive files to look through some papers that my Mom had saved for me from grade school and high school. I saw some poetry that I had written in fourth grade. I saw the awards I got for reading books in the Bookmate Program in fifth grade. I have memories of walking into our library at my elementary school, which I think was actually called a media center, and going to the posted list of Bookmate books. I wish I had a list of the books I read, it would be fun to see what kind of books were of interest to me then. I know at home I was reading Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie. My Godmother also gave me some books from Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly series. This books were similar to Little House on the Prairie in setting, but was more of a Christian romance story.

So, after looking through those papers I wondered how would I write a book report about Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Well, first off, I should probably finish the book to have the full story to work with. Back in the school days, I wonder how many students did write their book reports without finishing the story. I know that some kids were watching the movie and writing their reports based on that version, which the teacher would always catch them at. Nowadays, kids can go right onto the internet and find reviews and even videos about the book to write the report from. How about Cliff Notes? I know that I received some help from copies of those to write my English papers. Are they even still available? I just googled it and they are still out there.

With another google search, I found out how to write a book report on wikihow.com


I think the first paragraph is great advice to how to get started. This information could have been helpful to me when I was assigned this task back in the day.

Most students will have to write a book report. But writing a book report isn’t always easy. It is best to enjoy the book and not think about the report until you have finished reading. Now, absorb and think about what it was you read. Get up from your chair, walk around, then sit down at the table and start to write.

wikihow.com talks about the process to write the book report

Method #1 – Before you write the report

  1. know the requirements of the assignment
  2. read the book an annotate
  3. Outline main ideas and sub ideas of your book

Method #2 – Form of your report

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

Method #3 – Final Copy

  1. Reread your report
  2. Edit your report

The process sounds familiar, but I don’t think I had it spelled out like this for me before. As I look through the steps, I would say that I probably did them all, but maybe not as in depth as I could have. I am not sure if I did any annotating or outlining while I was reading the book then, but it may have helped in writing the report. The form of the report is how all reports and research papers are set up. I remember the teachers talking about that format a lot, not just for a book report but other research papers too. Then there is the reread and edit phase. I think I was so happy to get the thing done, I may not have did such a great job at the proofreading part. Now, as a writer of blogs and manuscripts, I do this step a lot before I post or publish. Oh, how my writing process has changed since then!

A book report is a paper about what the book is about that is usually written for a class assignment. How about a book review?  I have seen them as articles in the newspaper that are like a mini book report. On the other hand, the ones that I see posted on Goodreads and Amazon.com, tend to be little blurbs about what the reader thought of the book. They are usually accompanied by star review, one star being dislike and five stars being liked a lot.

Authors like to receive reviews from their readers and reviewers, either good and bad. One of the things that I have learned over my years of writing is that not everyone is going to like what you write. It is just like with people, some are going to like you and some aren’t. That shouldn’t be your motivation to write. Your motivation to write is that you enjoy writing and to get your voice out there. Any feedback that we can get from the readers is a gift. They took their time to let us know how they felt about what we wrote, good or bad.

S is for Seattle

This is a city on my list of places to go to. From the Space Needle to Pike Place Fish Market to the giant Ferris Wheel,  I’ve always been intrigued with this city. Up until February of this year, I’d never been there. I was just passing through on a layover from San Jose, so I’m not counting it as a visit.

The largest city in the Pacific Northwest, located in the state of Washington, it is situated on a narrow isthmus between Puget Sound and Lake Washington.

It was inhabited by Native Americans for at least 4000 years before first European settlers arrived. Captain George Vancouver of the British Navy was the first. He was there to create a map of this uncharted territory  in the Pacific Northwest between 1791 and 1795. The current day Canada and Washington cities of Vancouver are named after him. Since he was the one who was discovering the area and creating the map, he could also name of the features after people he knew. According to the Wikipedia article about him, he named the following three places after the people listed below.

In the time of westward expansion, Arthur Denny had family out in San Francisco that were caught up in the gold rush. Getting the itch to move onto new things, the Denny Party, started their journey to settling Alki Point from Cherry Grove, IL on April 10, 1851. As they went westward, they fought Native Americans, found their relatives in California and Oregon, and finally rode a schooner to arrive on the point on November 13, 1851.

Logging was the first industry of newly discovered Seattle. Then there was a change over to more commercial ventures and shipbuilding to help get people and riches back and forth from Alaska during the Klondike gold rush.

After World War II, Boeing, Amazon.com, Microsoft and T-Mobile US made Seattle a technology center.

Seattle is known for the Pike Place Fish Market which is located downtown by the Pier. Founded in 1930 it is an open air fish market known for the fishmongers and flying fish.

The largest ferris wheel in the US is also found there. Called the Seattle Great Wheel it opened in June of 2012.

 untitled - ferris wheel

Sleepless in Seattle, a movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan took place in the city when Hanks and his son moved there after the death of his wife. The movie brought the city of Seattle into the limelight. Little known trivia fact, the movie was released on my birthday in 1993.