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Have you had a chance to touch base with your teen? Check in with them and ask them if they need help with anything. Be open to what they may bring up to you and work with them to come up with solutions.

November is National Homeless Youth Awareness Month

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, approximately 30% of people experiencing homelessness are younger than age 24. The trauma of homelessness, even for a short period of time, can have major effects on a youth’s future development. These young people will have significantly higher rates of emotional, behavioral and immediate and long-term health problems.

With this kind of statistic, we as parents, mentors, and caring adults need to start talking to teens and young adults about this issue and ways to help and prevent it.

This month I plan to provide some information about this rapidly growing issue and ways to help these teens resources to help.

This month’s blog topics for National Homeless Youth Awareness Month will be

11/14 – Teen Challenge – Teen Homelessness – How do they wind up homeless?

11/21 – Inspirational People – Stories about homeless teens

11/28 – Teen Resource – Covenant House

Follow this link to take a look at my mentor page and find out how I am working with this month’s theme of Teen Homelessness. Selma’s Mentor Page

My Monthly News

Here is the monthly news for November 2022!

Working with Mentoring a Dream

Mentoring a Dream (MAD) has always been that next step in my mission to help teens succeed. One of the ways is to provide the adults in their lives with resources to help them reach out to their teens through the noise of everyday life.

In my Bullying Information Guide, I provide tips to adults on how to talk to your teens about the topic of bullying. This free resource is available through signing up for my email list, either through Selma P. Verde or through Mentoring a Dream.

You can subscribe to my email list by filling out your email, first name and last name in the subscribe boxes on the top of this page. If you are already on my email list, you may have already received your copy. Did you know that another benefit to being on the email list is you will receive the news and freebies before they are released to everyone else?

Keep watching for updates on big things coming for 2023. MAD will be taking us in a little different direction with mentoring parents and caring adults with teens in their lives and Selma will continue to have news about writing, book updates and the information that her coming of age series provides for teens as a way to learn about the teen challenges that they face.

Writing Updates

I continue to work on a short story about one of the characters in Shawn’s Way. Josh’s Story is about how Josh Alberts becomes one who bullies. I look forward to sharing his story with you in 2023.

As we tackle the theme of Teen Homelessness this month, I am learning about a new challenge that teens face. Seeing it as the awareness month for November brought it to my attention and I thought it would be a good one to bring to your attention as a monthly theme. It will be added to some of the content that Mentoring a Dream will be presenting on its platform in 2023

This awareness month is not only for the homeless teens, but it also includes those who runaway from home. In The Street’s Way, Mikala, a new character who is being introduced to the story line, is running away from a bad situation at home. Learn more about her and the continuing story of all of The Way Series characters in The Street’s Way, coming your way in 2023!

The Way Series on sale for Cyber Monday

Looking for a couple of good teen coming-of-age reads focusing on teen challenges? Check out The Way Series on sale November 28- 30, 2022! Grab a copy of either The Hard Way or Shawn’s Way e-book for just 99 cents! It’s a perfect way to catch up before the third book, The Street’s Way, is released in 2023! And its a great gift idea for that teen or young adult who likes to read books in a digital format.

Follow this link to my books tab to learn more about the series and to pick up your copies!

Selma’s Books.

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