Selma’s Monthly News – February 2023

Good Morning! Here’s the Monday Morning Blog!

Have you had a chance to touch base with your teen? Check in with them and ask them if they need help with anything. Be open to what they may bring up to you and work with them to find solutions. Being a month into the new year, you could check in and see how their goals for the new year are coming along, or maybe find them a little something to give them for Valentine’s Day which is coming up on the 14th.

We continue to evolve

Our word for 2023 is EVOLVE. We are on a journey to see how things will develop in the storyline of The Way Series.

Selma’s logo has changed a little bit. We created a new tagline that is focused more on her journey. Instead of Author, Blogger, Mentor, her new tagline is Author of Young Adult Fiction.

So, here is the monthly news for February 2023

February is Black History Month

We talk a lot about the diversity found in The Way Series. One of the characters in the first book, The Hard Way, has a character, Desmond Peterson, who is Paul Jones’ best friend in the beginning of the book, who is also black. We will be mentioning him in a couple of social media posts this month

Promo for The Street’s Way

With the launch of the third book in The Way Series, I want to share some of the exciting news and some behind the scenes information about how the series came to be. On my social media side last month, we did a little behind the scenes post for The Street’s Way and how I wanted to shake things up a bit by bringing a new character into the series and into Manor City. Mikala will be showing us the challenges of running away and being homeless in a city which is new to her. Be sure to keep your eye on Instagram for other little tidbits about the series.

Writing Updates

Speaking of goals for 2023, I have two main projects that I will be working on this year on the writing side of the house.

Completing and publishing – Josh’s Story – Spring 2023
Completing and publishing – The Street’s Way – November 2023

Josh’s Story

I continue to work on a short story about one of the characters in Shawn’s Way. Josh’s Story is about how Josh Alberts becomes one who bullies. As I was working on the manuscript this week, I have gotten some new insight into Josh’s character. I look forward to sharing his story with you in early 2023.

The Street’s Way

The other big writing project on docket is getting The Street’s Way ready for editing! Be ready for the continuing story of all of The Way Series characters in The Street’s Way, coming your way in late 2023!

Have you started reading The Way Series yet?

Looking for a couple of good teen coming-of-age reads focusing on teen challenges? Check out The Way Series.

Book #1The Hard Way – is the story of Paul Jones and his starting his freshman year of high school and how he has to navigate dealing with pressure from his peers to do things to fit in.

Book #2Shawn’s Way – is a continuation of Paul’s journey from The Hard Way but now we meet a new freshman, Shawn Townson, who is forced to navigate being the target of a bully. An upperclassman at his school is taking out his frustration on Shawn.

Book #3The Street’s Way, is a continuation of The Way Series and introduces Mikala to the storyline as a runaway and homeless teen. To be released in late 2023!

Follow this link to my books tab to learn more about the series and to pick up your copies! You still have time to get caught up on the story line before the release of The Street’s Way later this year.

Selma’s Books.

Have a great week!

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