It’s Release Day for Shawn’s Way

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Did you get a chance to talk to that teen or young adult in your life yet? Well, if they are a reader, you can talk to them about The Way Series, the series of teen/young adult books I have written.


Today is Release Day for Shawn’s Way

Today is a big day for The Way Series! Shawn’s Way is now available for purchase. Head on over to the books tab and click on the Buy Now box to be taken to Amazon to purchase your copy. It is available in both an ebook and paperback format. If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can select the book to read for free.

Please reach out to me if you would like a signed copy. You can contact me through the contacts page on the website. I can send you a book plate to put inside a copy you buy online, or we can work out a way for me to send you a signed copy (this option requires prepayment from either Venmo or Paypal)


If you purchase a copy, please let me know what you think. Reviews are a great way to not only let me know what you think about the books I write, but it also lets other readers know and help them to select my books to read. These reviews can be sent to me and I will add them to my website, but if you post them on Amazon and Goodreads, then many others can see them too.

The Way Series

The Way Series focuses on challenges teens face, in a novel format, with characters teens can relate to. Here are the two books currently in The Way Series along with a little description of each one.


The Hard Way

The Hard Way is book one of The Way Series. It introduces us to the characters of the series and focuses on Paul’s journey through his freshman and start of his sophomore years of high school. Through his journey, we see how important it is to select supportive friends. After his best friend moves away at the beginning of the book, Paul is forced to make some new friends. While hanging out with them, they put him into the position of having to make choices and deal with peer pressure to make the right ones.



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Shawn’s Way


Shawn’s Way continues the story of the characters of book one, but then focuses on Shawn’s journey through his freshman year of high school. He is the younger brother of the star baseball player, Caleb Townson, and is excited to start his freshman year of high school with his friend Bae. They like to ride their bikes to school and hang out together playing Tangorka, the popular online video game. When Shawn becomes a target of one who bullies, he must navigate being the new kid in school and feeling the pressure of being picked on.


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The Way Series is officially a series now. Celebrating the release of Shawn’s Way today, but also working on a book three for the series. Stay tuned for more details.


Have a great week!


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