Books about bullying for teens

We spend a lot of time talking about Shawn’s Way as being a great resource to read about bullying. But there are other books out there that are also great teen reads about the subject.

There are many books about bullying for teens

When I googled books about bullying for young adults, there are many options out there. There are as many option out there as there are different types of bullying situations. This week I want to compare my book, Shawn’s Way, to one I just recently read called Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.

Shawn's Way Cover

Similarities and Differences

The act of bullying has been around for a very long time. Many people have been either a target of a bully or maybe even one who bullies someone else. There are some similarities between each bullying situation. You have one who bullies and you have a target. But what brings these two sides together is unique for each situation. When I look at the similarities and differences between Shawn’s Way and Eleanor & Park, this is definitely the case.

How the situation starts

Shawn’s Way – Shawn is chosen by Josh to take his anger about being taken off of the team out on.

Eleanor & Park – Eleanor is the new kid in school. Kids on the bus pick on her because she is new and different from the rest.

Bullying is done by

Shawn’s Way – mostly by one person, Josh

Eleanor & Park – a group of people

How the bullying stops

Shawn’s Way – Shawn reports the bullying and Josh is punished

Eleanor & Park – Eleanor moves away

The acts of bullying are unique

Just like the comparison I made between those two books above, the acts of bullying are unique from each other. They each start differently, they do different things to the target, and they can end differently.

However, the ending of these situations can turn tragic. Both of the books I compared above ended with the target walking away from the situation. Not unharmed, but working to get past what happened. In too many cases, the target feels there is no way out and winds up committing suicide to get away from it.

Any type of bullying situation shouldn’t be allowed to happen, we as parents and caring adults need to create safe spaces for teens and young adults talk about how they are feeling so we can avoid those feelings from being taken out on others.

Looking for a resource to help you navigate a challenge your teen may be facing? Check out the Resources page on our sister site Mentoring A Dream.

Coming next week…

If you have been following Selma’s writing journey, you know that she published a short story last year. It is a companion piece for Shawn’s Way called Josh’s Story.

Josh's Story Cover
Cover Design by Jennifer Givner at Acapella Book Cover Design

Josh is one of the characters from Shawn’s Way. He is the one who bullies Shawn. Find out his side of the story in this short story. It will be available for purchase on Amazon Friday, June 28th in both ebook and hard copy. Find out more about this short story and the series by visiting Selma’s book page on her website – Selma’s Books

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