Book Review – Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

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This month I will be focusing on the topic of bullying. Not only as a challenge teens face, but also to talk about what Shawn’s Way, the second book in The Way Series, focuses on; a teen being the target of one who bullies.

According to, Bullying is not a “rite of passage” but a serious threat to a student safety and well-being. Students, parents, educators and communities all have a responsibility to address bullying in schools, online and in communities. Finding Audrey is the story of the aftermath of a bullying event that Audrey found herself a target of.


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Selma’s Book Review

Book Title

Finding Audrey


Sophie Kinsella

Type of Book

Young Adult Novel

Author Background

Sophie Kinsella is best known for writing the series of Shopaholic novels which focuses on an obsession with shopping and how it complicated her life. Finding Audrey was her first standalone YA novel.

Summary of the book

The story starts post bullying event, which we are never really told what happens, but the aftermath is a major mental health issue for Audrey. At the beginning of the book, we see she is afraid to go outside and interact with people. Through a reaching out to her by her brother’s friend, Linus, Audrey works her way towards a normal life again.

Reaction to the book

I really liked this book. Many of the novels tell the story of the bullying event itself, either from the target’s perspective or the one who bullies perspective. Finding Audrey is different because it shows us the what happens after the bullying is found out about and the impact that it has on the target. The story shows that a person who was the target of bullying, with counseling and support of family and friends, can learn how to deal with what happened and move forward. I would recommend this book for teen and young adult readers.

Link to the author

If you want to learn more about Sophie Kinsella, here is a link to his website

Link to the book

If you want to purchase Finding Audrey, here is a link to purchase on Amazon Finding Audrey. Or you can pick it up from your local bookstore or shop and have the purchase credited to them.


Shawn’s Way is coming your way!

Looking forward to the release of Shawn’s Way in a couple of weeks? I know I am getting anxious to share the continuation of Paul and Josh’s stories with you.


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