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November’s Theme – Making Choices

This month’s theme is making choices. It’s something that we do everyday which determines our life direction. We learn from all of our choices, whether those choices are good or bad for us. Sometimes choices are made without all of the correct information, they are made based on assumptions about a situation or a person.

Why are choices so hard to make? Well, we want to make the right one and sometimes that isn’t clear when we are making the choice. There are always good things and bad things about every decision we make. Sometimes we even have to give up something when we make one of our choices.

Have you thought about writing out what is good and bad about the choice you are getting ready to make? Have you used that list to help you make the right choice for you? Well, there is a method of writing out the advantages and disadvantages about a choice we are getting ready to make. It is called a pros and cons list.

Pros and Cons List

Do you know what a Pros and Cons list is? It is a tool to help you make a choice. It is where we take the choice we are trying to make and we make a list of the positive effects (pros) of making that choice and the negative effects (cons) of making that choice.

For example, let’s say I had been taking the train to work everyday. It has been taking a lot of time to get there and I would be able to get there in a shorter amount of time if I bought a car. So, if I were going to choose whether or not to buy a car, I would list out the pros and cons of buying a car. When listing out the pros and cons it doesn’t have to be a well written paper, they can just be bullet points or quick statements. It can be written on a template like this, or just a piece of paper you might have laying around.


It would be nice to have a car

I would have reliable transportation

I wouldn’t have to take the bus

I wouldn’t have to spend money on an Uber

I could spend less time commuting to work

I would have it to get to other places as well


It could be more expensive

I would have to continue to take the bus to work

Would have extra expenses like gas, insurance and maintenance

Need a place to store it

What choice would you make?

Using your pros and cons list, there are many ways to approaching using it to help you make that choice. You may pick the one that has more pros than cons, which is this case would be the pros side. Or, when writing out this list, you may find that one of the pros or one of the cons is a very compelling and makes the option to be chosen very obvious, like not being able to afford the extra expenses involved in owning a car. Either way, this is a very easy tool to use to help make some of those tough choices.

Have you ever used a pros and cons list to make a decision? How did it work for you? Please let me know in the comments below.

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