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How was your week? Did you get a chance to talk to your teen yet? Try asking them what their favorite color is. You may just start a conversation.

I asked my two young adults what their favorite colors are. One said red and the other said red or black. Red and black were the school colors from the high school they attended. So it makes sense. When we picked out their first cell phones, one was red and one was black. And each kid got their favorite color.

National Women’s History Month

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I’ve been focusing the posts this month on women who have done inspiring things or made contributions to our country’s history. Since there are five Mondays in March, I chose to write about another inspiring woman as a final post for National Women’s History Month, and that woman is Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart, a fellow woman pilot

How many of you know that I’m a pilot? I soloed an airplane, became a private pilot and started an instrument rating. That’s where my training stopped. I came to a point in my life where I needed to focus my money on things other than flying. It wasn’t an easy decision, but since I’d still be a pilot after attaining the certificate, I knew I’d be able to complete training to become current and start flying again, when the time is right.

Amelia Earhart did a lot more flying than I have done. According to, when she was ten she saw her first airplane at the state fair and didn’t think much of it. “It was a thing of rusty wire and wood and looked not at all interesting.” She didn’t become interested in avaition until almost a decade later when a little red airplane swooped down towards her and a friend.

Growing up as a tomboy, she wasn’t afraid to take on things that were seen as not being feminine. She kept a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about successful women in male-oreinted fields for inspiration. During my research, I learned she did a lot more than just fly an airplane.

She did other things before her first flight

Did you know that Amelia Earhart…

  • After graduating from Hyde Park High School, she attended a girl’s finishing school. She left in the middle of her second year.
  • She went to work as a nurse’s aide in a military hospital in Canada during World War I.
  • Then attended college and became a social worker at Denison House, a settlement house in Boston.

all before doing her first flight on January 3, 1921.

Denison House contributions

According to, Amelia Earhart was hired as a social worker at the Denison House in 1926 and became a full time staff member in 1927. While she was working there as a teacher and home visitor, she was in charge of adult education and supervised a girls program. She was also taking flying lessons to pursue the interest which was sparked in her.

After six months of working, she was able to save up enough money to buy her own airplane, a Kinner Airster.

Photo By John W. Underwood

Here’s what had to say about the airplane,

It was very much an experimental proposition. The engine was a Kinner-copy of the Wright Gale, forerunner of the Whirlwind, but it was anything but a success. It threw more oil than it consumed and vibrated excessively. The experience gained from Earhart’s flying helped Kinner build a better engine and by 1930 he was a leader in the field.

Flying takes over

After building flight experience on the weekends, Ameila Earhart received a phone call at work in April of 1928. She originally responded that she was too busy to answer, but finally decided to take a call that would change the course her life was on.

“How would you like to be the first woman to fly the Atlantic?”

Of course she said yes and it led to a flight in a Fokker F7 called Friendship. The flight made headlines world wide, and led to many more flights, during a time when flying was building momentum, especially for women pilots. One of her most famous flights, the one to circumnavigate the world, she never came home from. She disappeared in July of 1937 and what happened to her is still a mystery to be solved.

An interesting story

Every person has a life journey. I’m interested in how people navigate the challenges in their lives to do great things. Amelia Earhart did some amazing things as a woman pilot, but she did other things which made her more than just a pilot. That’s the part of her story I didn’t know before I took a look. Be open to learning about other people. We all have interesting things and experiences to share with each other. If you are interested about learning more about Amelia Earhart, check out her website

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Book Review – Ordinary Light by Tracy K. Smith

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Good Morning! Here is the Monday Morning Blog!

How was your week last week? Get a chance to check in with that teen in your life?

March is Women’s History Month

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How was March designated as Women’s History Month? In 1980 President Jimmy Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation declaring the week of March 8th as Women’s History Week. Selecting this week corresponds with International Women’s Day which falls on March 8th. It changed from being a week long designation to a month in 1987.  

I’ll be focusing the posts this month towards women who have done inspiring things or have made contributions to our country’s history. To kick off our theme of women this month, the book I am reviewing is a memoir of a woman who shares her coming-of-age story. Not only do we get her story growing up Black in America, but also on a relationship between a mother and a daughter.

Selma’s Book Review

Book Title

Ordinary Light


Tracy K. Smith

Type of Book


Author Background

Tracy K. Smith is an author and a poet. She was a Poet Laureate, which is an honored achievement one has to be appointed to serve. They seek to raise a greater appreciation for reading and the writing of poetry. Her memoir was a finalist for the 2015 National Book Award for nonfiction.

Summary of the book

Ordinary Light is a coming-of-age story about our author, Tracy K. Smith, and her relationship with her mom. The story starts with her as a young girl, the youngest of five children, and showed us how she lived a pretty good life. When her mom became sick with cancer while she was in high school, she struggles trying to relate to her mom. But through her writing, Smith was able to come to terms what she did in her life and what she missed out on.

Reaction to the book

Her memoir was very relateable for me. We have similar stories as we both grew up as teenagers in the 80s and my mom also passed away from cancer. My mom’s passing happened later in life for me, so I don’t know hard it must have been for Smith to lose her mom in her 20s, when she was just getting her feet under her as a fledgling adult.

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to a young adult reader. Her story is very relateable and she tells it from the perspective of not only dealing with the challenges of being a teenager, but also being Black in America.

If you want to learn more about Tracy K. Smith follow this link to Wikipedia – Tracy K. Smith

If you want to purchase Ordinary Light, here is a link to do just that – Ordinary Light. Or you can pick it up from your local bookstore or shop and have the purchase credited to your favorite local independent book seller.

Another coming of age story

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