Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019!

A new beginning

It is another new year! Time to write another chapter in that book with blank pages. It’s interesting to me how people think of the new year as a restart, like the change in one digit gives some of us permission to do it. I will admit, there’s something motivating about leaving things behind and looking forward to the future. I am one of those who looks at the new year this way, and smile when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. Welcome to the new year.

Screenshot_2014-11-05-17-12-11Looking back, 2018 was a challenging year. Not to say that good things didn’t happen along the way for me. My day job continued to be demanding in its rebuilding phase and just after my birthday in June, I was thrown into a quick course in how to help a parent move into assisted living and one in how to make a humane decision, to put our fifteen year old dog to sleep due to end stage kidney failure. Even though both of these events were the right things to do in their given situations, they were tough and drained me emotionally. I continue to deal with the challenges of a dad with dementia, and will always miss Maddie, the first dog I ever owned and loved.

Some of the many good things in 2018,

  • I got my website created online at selmapverde.com
  • Enjoyed watching my kids (who are now 17 and 19) play together on the same baseball team this past summer
  • Enjoyed many family weekends at our cabin up north
  • Did a couple of book giveaways which put another 24 copies into readers hands
  • Through a couple of product branding classes, I met a few amazing authors and learned new things to make fun and productive tweaks to my website and business
  • Started bookkeeping for my sister-in-law’s interior design business. It gave me the opportunity to learn about her business and earn some money to invest in mine.

Looking forward to 2019…

  • Growing my business by developing sales and marketing strategies to get more copies of my books out there
  • Creating the draft of book three of The Way Series, title will be released later on this year.
  • Helping my sister-in-law continue making her business successful
  • The Bully’s Way, the second book in The Way Series will be going to my editor, Michelle, at Fiction Edit on January 14th. Looking to publish July or August.

The Hard Way Thumbnail

Need a copy of The Hard Way? Plenty of time to read it before The Bully’s Way comes out this summer. Here is a link to it. You can also find it in the books tab of my website.

The Hard Way

I am looking for some fun coffee shops and away from home locations to work on my writing. I do get quite a bit done at home, but sometimes my writing muse needs to get out of the house and dance in new places. Anyone have any suggestions? Please list them below in the comments! And, if anyone wants to meet up and write let me know. It would be fun to do.

Happy New Year!



2 Replies to “Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019!”

  1. Hi Selma,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your pup and your father. I’m thinking about you!
    What fun it is to see both your sons on the same baseball team. We’ve had a few joys with that ourselves. ?
    Best wishes on your new books coming out in 2019. Each one is a new learning curve, isn’t it?
    Have you tried your local library for writing? That would be my choice. I wished we lived closer to brainstorm with writing.
    Thanks for filling us all in about your year.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you. It has been a tough year for me, but I focus on the good things that work at writing has brought to me. I forgot to mention my book award in this post! That was a big step for me. It would be fun to get together with you to write. Maybe someday we will be close enough to meet. Happy New Year to you too! ☺

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