Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a great week! 

Valentine’s Day is kind of a fun holiday. I know some people get bummed out about not having the romantic dinner or flowers. It is kind of the girl’s dream right? I have had those feelings at a time in my life.

When I was out shopping last weekend, I saw something that made me smile. Two brothers, both under the age of ten, were walking together each one had a shopping basket with a box of valentines in it. They each had a different kind. 

I have fond memories of sitting at our kitchen table when I was a kid, with the class list, writing one out to each of my classmates. And getting to school and dropping one in each of their handmade boxes.

How about the conversation hearts? I loved and still love those. I think I read everyone of them before eating it.

These are the things I think of for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to give little messages of appreciation to those around you today. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about a dinner and flowers. It is about sharing love with one another.

Picture from Unsplash by Laura Briedis.

4 Replies to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve always loved this day as well.
    Our mom would help us make the cutest boxes to take to school. I should say, she did most the work, because she loved doing it. I’ll never forget the cute mailbox with the little red flag attached.
    It is a day for love and kindness. ❤
    I hope you enjoy this day Sharon,

  2. I remember dressing up in red, pink and white on Valentine’s Day. When my brothers and I came to the kitchen for breakfast, mom used food coloring to make our glasses of milk red. She would also make pancakes in the shapes of hearts. We exchanged Valentines with our classmates and played bingo with heart shaped candy. After school, we would read and re-read our Valentine cards from classmates. Such fun memories!

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