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Good Morning! It is Monday. Did you have a good weekend? Ready for this week’s blog?

Things have been crazy with me lately. My day job has been going through a lot of change and transition.  It has been taking a lot of my time and energy away from getting other things done at home. I know the hard work I’m putting in there now, will lead to things being better in the future and will eventually lead to more time for writing and book promotion.

I normally don’t mention much about my day job on my blog because try to keep it separate from my writing side of life. But, there are times when the full time job does impact how much time I have to work on my craft. I am only one person trying to make both of these important things and others happen in my life. Why do I bring this up? Trying to balance the demands of the job and working on my passion, writing and promoting my newly published book, is challenging. My job has made pursuing my writing possible, so I will do what is needed to do things well there. With all of the energy it is taking right now, though, it is kind of bumming me out. I’m so excited to work on my writing and promoting, but I’m not having as much time and energy to put towards it.

I’m not the only one who struggles with this issue. Many writers work full time jobs to follow their passion to write. Writing and book promotion take time. You don’t become a best selling author overnight. I have faith it will all happen, I just need to do what I can to keep things moving forward so I can feel that I’m making progress on the writing side of my life too.

So, if you are trying to do this writing thing with a full time job, my advice is to be patient and keep working at it. Having your plate full of other activities will make the writing journey a little more challenging, but worth it when you are actually holding a copy of the published book in your hands. And it does feel good to see copies of your book being sold on Amazon. Even if the numbers are small, right now.

Be sure to pick up your copy of The Hard Way! It is available on in both paperback and e-book. Hey, it is an opportunity for me to plug my book! I had to take it!

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Here is the link! The Hard Way

3 Replies to “Promoting my newly published book”

  1. Hello Selma! I found your blog from the Fiction Writing page. Anyways, I have the same problem! I’m in the process of working on my first YA novel right now, while working full-time. But I wanted to say congratulations on your book! It’s great to see you’re trying to work around work. And I’ll definitely check it out!

    1. Thank you! Good luck to you on your novel. What is it about? Getting a book published is a challenging journey, especially with a demanding full time job. Hang in there! It may feel like it’s not getting done, but the work will pay off!

      1. Thank you! I will!! ?
        Also, my novel, The Harvest, is loosely based off the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. Seventeen-year-old Khadijah is given the opportunity to travel to The Orchard, the land of the dead, to switch places with her sister Aaliyah. In order for the soul swap to occur, Khadijah must prove her worth by becoming a guardian angel. But becoming a guardian angel seems to be difficult when everyone, including an excommunicated Ashanti deity want the one thing Khadijah can give to her sister – the gift of life. Can she become a guardian angel and save her sisters soul? Or will she perish trying?

        That’s the blurb so far lol.

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